The academic committee of the joint laboratory is composed of experts in the fields of intelligent disaster prevention of major infrastructures at home and abroad. Its main responsibilities include: Formulate and review the research direction, objectives and subject guidelines of the laboratory; Introduce new academic ideas and promote interdisciplinary; Review the internal and external academic exchanges and scientific and technological cooperation projects of the laboratory; Examine and approve the methods for the open research topics management and the use of funds; Review the application for open research topics and proposed funding plan; Listen to the work report of the laboratory direcror, and review the overall development plan, construction plan, major academic activities, scientific research topics, engineering application, annual work plan and summary submitted by the laboratory direcror; Participate in the evaluation and appraisal of laboratory research results, participate in the defense of graduation thesis papers, and recommend excellent achievements and talents to relevant departments; Find the weak sections in the research work and put forward improvement measurements in time.

The term of the members of the academic committee is five years, and some members can be replaced appropriately after the expiration of the term. The academic committee usually holds an academic committee meeting once a year. The academic committee can conduct project review and put forward suggestions on laboratory construction by online communication. The resolution of the academic committee shall be adopted by more than half of the members and two-thirds of the members present at the meeting. The interim meeting of the academic committee shall be convened by the chief of the academic committee. Members of the academic committee actively participate in and support the laboratory work through lectures, short-term work and sending graduate students, and the laboratory provides necessary conditions and provides convenience for them.

The proposed first academic committee of the joint laboratory mainly includes academician Chang-Wen Miao, academician Yan-Liang Du, academician Zheng-Qing Chen, academician Xi-Lin Lu, academician Jian Xu, academician Xiu-Li Du,academician Billie F. Spencer Jr. , which are internationally renowned experts in the field of disaster prevention and reduction.