China-Pakistan Belt and Road Joint Laboratory on Smart Disaster Prevention of Major Infrastructures will set up a Management Committee as the highest decision organization and the academic committee as the highest academic organization. The Director's Office Committee based on the laboratory director responsibility system is set up as the daily operation organization.

(1) Management Committee

The Management Committee is composed of responsible comrades and experts from Southeast University, University of science and technology, Bannu, Shenzhen University, Tianjin Fire Research Institute of Ministry of Emergency Management, Hefei Institute of Public Safety of Tsinghua University. Main task of the Management Committee is to control the direction of the joint laboratory, review the decisions on major matters such as financial budget and final accounts, put forward relevant policy guidance, Appoint the laboratory director and deputy directors. The director of the management committee is responsible for convening the management committee meeting at least once a year.

(2) Academic Committee

The first Academic Committee of the laboratory is composed of academician Chang-Wen Miao, academician Yan-Liang Du, academician Zheng-Qing Chen, academician Xi-Lin Lu, academician Jian Xu, academician Xiu-Li Du, academician Billie F. Spencer Jr., which are internationally renowned experts in the field of disaster prevention and reduction.

 (3) Director's Office Committee

The Director's Office Committee is the daily operation organization of the laboratory, which is composed of Director and Deputy Directors. The Director and Deputy Directors should have a senior title in science and engineering or a doctor's degree in Engineering (including engineering management). The laboratory adopts the director responsibility system. The Director is the direct organizer and leader of all the work of the laboratory, and is fully responsible for all the work. Main responsibilities of Director is to organize the preparation of the construction plan and development plan of the laboratory, organize the implementation and check the implementation; carry out fund raising and management, organize the preparation of the annual plan of the laboratory and write the annual work summary, complete various tasks assigned by the competent department, preside over the annual meeting and special seminar of the laboratory, and coordinate the work of all groups.

Main responsibilities of the deputy director is to organize the preparation of the construction plan and development plan in this direction; organize the implementation and check the implementation, organize the preparation of the annual plan and annual work summary of the direction, complete various tasks assigned by the director; hold the annual meeting or special work meeting of the direction at any time , understand the situation, listen to opinions, solve problems, assign tasks, and coordinate the work of each department.

The first session of Director's Office Committee will set one director, to be served by Professor Zhao-Dong Xu from Southeast University, one foreign director, to be served by Professor Abid Ali Shah from University of Science and Technology, Bannu, and four deputy directors. Each deputy director is also responsible for managing the relevant matters of the joint laboratory in each application organization. The specific list is as follows:

List of laboratory directors and deputy directors







Laboratory Director

Zhao-Dong Xu

Southeast University

Professor, National Distinguished Young   Scholar, Changjiang Scholar


Executive Deputy   Director

Zhong-Fan Chen

Southeast University



Foreign Laboratory   Director

Abid Ali Shah

University of science   and technology,




Deputy Director

Xuan-Ya Liu

Tianjin Fire Research   Institute of Ministry of Emergency Management

Deputy Chief of 

Science  and 

Technology Division


Deputy Director

De-Zhi Li

Southeast University

Vice President of 

School of Civil 



Deputy Director

Hai-Jun Zhou

Shenzhen University

Faculty Director of 

Department of Civil 


The laboratory consists of four departments:

1.      Technology R & D Department

The Technology R & D Department is the core technology department of the laboratory with four research institutes, namely, the Institute of Multi-Disaster Chain Effect and Disaster Mechanism, the Institute of Disaster Intelligent Monitoring and State Deduction, the Institute of Disaster Dynamic Collaborative Emergency Management and Control, and the Institute of Advanced Technology and Equipment for Infrastructure Disaster Prevention and Emergency Response.

2.      Achievement Promotion Department

This department is the operating department and key section of the laboratory for the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. It timely promotes the research results to the competent departments of governments and emergency management related companies at all levels. The Achievement Promotion Department is mainly responsible for the paid transfer of scientific research products, technologies and patents; striving for contract projects entrusted by enterprises and the government and organize the implementation; undertake scientific research projects related to intelligent disaster prevention and control of infrastructures.

3.       Development Service Department

It mainly includes International Exchange Center, Information Service Room, Standard Research Room and Technical Training Center.

The International Exchange Center is mainly responsible for the industry opening and technology exchange of the laboratory. The center carries out international cooperation and exchange in the research and development of intelligent disaster prevention and control technology of major infrastructures.

The Information Service Room is mainly responsible for providing technical consultation and information services for major infrastructure intelligent disaster prevention and control related problems faced by the state, industry or department, native society, enterprises, scientific research institutions and colleges/universities through experimental research.

The Standard Research Office mainly serves the state, industry and local governments and enterprises in Jiangsu Province, and provides planning, approval and preparation of specifications, standards and atlas related to intelligent disaster prevention and control of major infrastructure.

4.       Administration Department

Administration Department includes Administration Office, Finance Office and Personnel Office, which is responsible for the daily management of the laboratory and coordinating the internal, and serves as external liaison of the laboratory.

The Administration Office is responsible for drafting the relevant systems of laboratory administration and supervising the implementation; supervising the work of the laboratory; coordinating the work of all departments of the laboratory on behalf of the leaders of the laboratory; organizing and arranging relevant meetings of the laboratory, and be responsible for sorting out the minutes and records of the conference, and daily reception of the laboratory.

The Finance Office is responsible for preparing the financial plan and budget plan for the normal operation of the laboratory; regularly report the financial status of the laboratory to the laboratory director; prepare and submit various financial statements; formulate relevant expenditure standards and charging standards; assist the laboratory director in financial supervision of all parts; be responsible for daily financial expenses, fund operation research, asset management, cost accounting and financial management.

The Personnel Office is responsible for the personnel management of the laboratory and the employment, assessment and training of laboratory personnel.