Emergency series disposal device for leakage of organic liquid hazardous chemicals


   The series of emergency disposal devices for leakage of organic liquid hazardous chemicals are developed based on new polymer absorbent, including handheld, wheeled and robot. The series of devices can realize the disposal of organic liquid hazardous chemicals leakage accident scenes of different scales and prevent secondary disasters such as fire, explosion and poisoning.

   The advantages of this series of devices in dealing with dangerous chemical leakage accidents are as follows: (1) Wide treatment range. It can absorb almost all lipophilic organic liquid chemicals, including gasoline, benzene, lipids, ketones, etc. (2) It can be applied to the whole process of hazardous chemicals leakage disposal. Including absorption and solidification, flow interception and post disaster disposal. (3) Simplify disposal procedures. For the leakage accident of hazardous chemicals, the complete disposal of the leakage accident of hazardous chemicals can be realized only by spraying, curing and receiving, and the disposal efficiency can be greatly improved. (4)  Fast absorption and curing speed. Generally, it can be absorbed to saturation within a few minutes. (5) Strong absorption capacity. The amount of hazardous chemicals absorbed by the adsorbent will not be greater than the volume of the adsorbent itself. After absorbing liquid hazardous chemicals, the volume of the absorbent sprayed by the device will expand to dozens of times, so the absorption capacity is stronger. After testing, the volume ratio of absorbent for typical liquids such as gasoline is about 20. (6) Simple operation and excellent injection performance. The disposal robot can also realize unmanned and intelligent disposal. The application range is wide, and the application temperature range is - 20-55 ℃. (7) Inhibit volatilization. The absorbent locks the liquid molecules inside the absorbent through van der Waals force, which can effectively inhibit the volatilization of toxic and harmful gases and prevent secondary disasters. (8) Change the flow characteristics of liquid hazardous chemicals and intercept the flow of surrounding hazardous chemicals. (9) The residual rate of hazardous chemicals after disposal is very low. The device can not only deal with the leakage of hazardous chemicals in organic liquids, but also deal with the dangerous chemicals of organic liquid hazardous chemicals after foam fire. After the absorption and disposal, the residual rate of dangerous chemicals is very low, which greatly reduces the environmental hazards. This achievement has authorized three relevant utility model patents.

The achievement is applicable to the places where organic liquid hazardous chemicals are stored, used and transported, such as fire brigade, gas station, oil depot, various hazardous chemical enterprises and liquid hazardous chemical tanker. The achievement has been tried and popularized in 31 fire rescue corps in China.

Handheld                      Wheeled                          Robot

Fig. 1 Emergency series disposal device for leakage of organic liquid hazardous chemicals