Evaluation method of fire resistance of reinforced concrete frame structure


    Based on the numerical simulation method, the fire resistance test of mature reinforced concrete members is conducted to verify the effectiveness of the numerical model of fire resistance performance of reinforced concrete frame structures. The fire endurance and failure modes of typical reinforced concrete frame structures affected by different fire conditions under the action of standard temperature rise curve are analyzed. The method of evaluating the safety of reinforced concrete frame structures by structural failure risk classification is proposed, and the structural failure risk classification table of typical reinforced concrete frame structures under various fire conditions is established. The flow chart of fire risk analysis of reinforced concrete frame structure is proposed. The methods of damage evaluation and failure judgment for the structural fire resistance of reinforced concrete frame buildings in fire are defined.

Table 1 Fire conditions of frame structure

Fire location

Fire hazard

Overall fire

Class 1


Class 1

Middle layer

Class 2

Top floor

Class 4



Fig.10 Temperature field simulation of frame structure

Fig. 11 Deformation simulation of frame structure

    Available technical services:

    (1) Fire resistance test of full-scale specimens of various engineering structures and temperature field test of  reduced-scale specimens. The fire resistance test of full-scale specimen can realize the mechanical property test of full-scale specimen under thermal mechanical coupling through gas test furnace. The temperature field test of the reduced scale specimen can be realized by the electric heating test furnace.

Fig. 12 Electric heating test furnace

    (2) Numerical simulation analysis of various engineering structures. It can provide numerical simulation of various building components (such as slab, beam, column and node) and structures.

    (3) Fire safety assessment of various building structures. It can provide fire safety assessment of various building structures and components, provide fire protection structure scheme, and provide effective fire protection methods to meet the structural fire resistance requirements prescribed in the specification.