Fire protection technology of building structure


Service safety of fire retardant coatings

    In view of the current situation that the fire protection performance of fire retardant coating of intumescent steel structure decreases in the long-term utilization process but the systematic research is rare, the influence of weather and environmental conditions during test on the fire protection performance of fire retardant coating is studied and clarified, The research results are of great significance for guiding the rational application, further research and development of fire retardant coatings of intumescent steel structure.

Environment friendly fire retardant coating

     In view of the environmental pollution caused by the existing oil-based intumescent fire retardant coatings for steel structures and the poor weather resistance and easy falling off of water-based intumescent fire retardant coatings, an environment-friendly water-based intumescent fire retardant coating with excellent weather resistance and fire resistance is developed, which has the advantages of excellent weather resistance, good fire resistance, low corrosion to base steel and low VOC release, The comprehensive performance is better than domestic similar products. 

Fig. 7 Template painting environment-friendly fire retardant coating

Composite fireproof glass

Aiming at the application problem of "Gradually becoming opaque after being exposed to light" existing in the traditional organic grouting composite fireproof glass, the new UV irradiation resistant composite fireproof glass has been developed, which has excellent fire resistance, UV irradiation resistance and cold resistance, and can be applied to building exterior walls and long-term lighting environment. The fire resistance limit of heat insulation composite fireproof glass can reach more than 2 hours, and the fire resistance integrity of non-insulated composite fireproof glass can reach more than 3 h. Based on these above composite fireproof glass, an energy-saving fireproof window integrating thermal insulation and fire protection has been developed. It has excellent fire resistance and energy-saving performance and has a wide application prospect.

Fig.8 The developed composite fireproof glass and energy-saving fireproof window

Fire protection of seismic isolation structure

In view of the poor fire resistance of rubber seismic isolation bearings, the flame retardant technology of natural rubber, the fire resistance limit of rubber seismic isolation bearings, the fire protection technology and simulation calculation method of rubber seismic isolation bearings are studied, and the fire protection construction technology suitable for real engineering situations is formulated. After fire protection, the fire resistance limit of rubber seismic isolation bearings can reach more than 3 hours, Relevant achievements have been applied in major projects such as Daxing International Airport and Haikou Meilan Airport. 

  Fig.9 Application in Daxing International Airport

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