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B000113Introduction to Chinaspring/ autumn362LectureCheckInternational students   
S000110Chinesespring/ autumn1203LectureCheck
S000301Theoretical and Practical Studies on Socialism with Chinese Characteristicsspring/ autumn362LectureExamChinese Students     
S000302Introduction to Natural Dialecticsspring/ autumn181LectureExam
S000105English for Master's Degree (specialized English included)spring784LectureReport
Major Compulsory
S000112Numerical analysisautumn543LectureExam
S006509Signal processing Ispring543LectureExamChoose 1
S006511Information technology foundationautumn543LectureExam
S006106Photoelectronicsautumn362LectureExamChoose 2
S006110Modern Digital Signal Processingspring362LectureExam
S006503Semiconductor Device Technologyspring362LectureExam
S006505Micro Systems and Sensor Technologyspring362LectureExam
S006512Theory and Technology of Optical Waveguidesautumn362LectureExam
Major Elective 
S000302Dialectics of Nature and Scientific Socialismspring/ autumn181LectureExam
TrainingSocial Practice TrainingGenerally it includes teaching practice, production practice (clinical practice), or social investigation.
Selected Liberal Arts & Scientific Literacy LectureStudents are required to attend at least 8 Liberal Arts &Scientific Literacy lectures before the mid-assessment.
Academic Seminar & Academic MeetingStudents must participate in at least 2 academic Seminars and academic meetings, and write at least 1 academic paper
Note: (1) The minimum total-credit requirements of Master's curricula: 28 credits for students of science and engineering; 30 credits for students of medical science ; 34 credits for students of arts and management sciences. The minimum credit requirements of degree courses: 16 credits for students of science and engineering; 18 credits for students of arts, management science and medicine; other credits in non-degree courses. In addition, students should have 3 credits from compulsory courses. (2) All courses are normally required to complete within one and half year after registration. Degree courses are normally required to complete within one year after registration. (3) Degree courses are subject to this course plan, non-degree courses can be chosen from 'Graduate Courses Catalog'.

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