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Civil Engineering was established on the basis of Department of Civil Engineering which was founded in 1923. Currently it concludes five departments including Architectural Engineering department, Construction and real estate department, Engineering Mechanics department, bridge, tunnel and underground engineering department, municipal engineering department, and experimental center.  It also concludes four four-year undergraduate programs including civil engineering,project management, engineering mechanics, water and wastewater engineering and one six-year Civil Engineering program for those who get the undergraduate degree and master degree continually.

The major of Structural Engineering is a national key discipline and the major of Disaster Prevention and Protection Engineering is a preparing program of the national key discipline. Concrete and prestressed concrete laboratroy is a Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education. It is a national "211 Project " construction disciplines and action Plan for Invigorating of Ministry of Education’s key subjects and it also can invite professors who are changjiang scholar. The school has two postdoctoral rovers, three first level doctorates including civil engineering, management science and engineering, and environmental science and engineering disciplines, 12 second level doctorates, 12 postgraduate majors. It is led by professor academician, Lv Zhi Tao , in the Chinese engineering. College has a strong teaching staff including 39 professor, 57 associate professors and so on.College has 21doctoral tutors, 57 Master Instructors. College attachs importance to both undergraduate education and postgraduate education.35% of the undergraduates can enter to graduate studying. Enrollment of full-time graduates in 2009 has reached 280

Civil Engineering institution has an excellent tradition of teaching, emphasizing on quality of teaching resources. There are currently one national teaching Innovation team, one national professional characteristics major, onenational experimental teaching Center, two provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, four national quality courses, fifteen national Eleventh Five-Year planning materials,. We obtain one first prize and one second prize of National teaching achievement in recent years. Students can have a tutor when they enter high grade. They are personalized guided in accordance with graduate training mode. College focus on training students in the integrated innovation. Two teams sent in the First National Student Design Competition got the first place and the second place. We won the first prize in the fifth national Zhou Pei-Yuan competition in mechanics.


1. Civil Engineering

Training to master knowledge of the basic disciplines including structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, tunnel and bridge engineering, road engineering and disaster prevention, mitigation and protection engineering and so on.Providing basic training as a registered engineer and commanding capabilities in project planning and design of civil engineering, construction and management, research and development. Graduates can work in the fields of housing construction, underground construction, tunnels, bridges, roads, airports and ports, municipal engineering. The object is to make contribution to design, construction, management, investment, development, research and education sectors in the technical or management with a broad employment prospects. Graduates can get further education in structural engineering, disaster mitigation and protection engineering, geotechnical engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, road and airport projects, civil engineering construction and management or management science and engineering, engineering mechanics, solid mechanics and other post-graduate programs. In1995, major of civil engineering passed the first assessment of professional expertise. The training programs are consistent with the international registration system. Graduates can apply for a registered structural engineer, registered geotechnical engineer, registered construction engineer and registered cost engineer, registered valuer to get the professional qualification.

2. Project Management

Providing basic theory and knowledge of civil engineering technology, management and economics disciplines, mastering modern management science methods and means, receiving basic training for project construction plan and decision-making, investment control, bidding, and whole-process project management. Being able to engage in a large construction companies, real estate development companies, international economic cooperation, companies, engineering consulting and appraisal firms, construction units, banks, government construction departments, research and educational institutions. Graduates have a broad employment prospects. The graduates can get further study in management science and engineering, civil engineering construction and management for post-graduate professional education. The major is a first-class major and has passed the international evaluation and certification authority of the professional bodies. Training programs are consistent with the international registration system. Graduates can apply for registered construction engineer, registered cost engineer, registered supervision engineers, registered real estate appraiser to get the professional qualification.

3. Engineering Mechanics

Mastering the basic theory of engineering mechanics and engineering design theory. Producing good quality in scientific research, engineering design, testing, analysis, technical development, and mechanics teaching in civil engineering, mechanical, materials, energy, transportation, aviation, water, chemicals and other projects. Graduates can go to woke or get post-graduate study in engineering mechanics, solid mechanics and structural engineering, disaster mitigation and protection engineering, geotechnical engineering .

4. Water and Wastewater Engineering

Providing basic theory and knowledge of water supply and drainage.  Training the basic skills of urban water conservation, water and wastewater planning and design, and industrial and mining water and wastewater designing. Producing good quality graduates in urban construction sector, environmental management, education, research and design units. Graduates can go to woke or get post-graduate study in municipal engineering, environmental engineering, or environmental science .


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