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Discipline of Construction and Management


This discipline was funded in 2004 as and the first Level 2 discipline of the Level 1 discipline of Civil Engineering. It is classified as a new interdisciplinary by combining Civil Engineering and Management Science & Engineering. Currently, there are four professors, three doctoral supervisors, and four associate professors. The main research fields including construction technologies of engineering structures, construction safety and environment, and civil engineering project management and technology. Many research projects from national “985” plan, and “11th five-year” plan, and provincial level research plans have been conducted. To satisfy the growing demand of national construction, this discipline is actively participating a large number of construction project management and consulting tasks for national key projects. Great contributions have been made for both the regional and national economy. Upon graduation, students are employed by many kinds of companies such as leading real estate enterprises, large-scale construction enterprises, engineering consulting enterprises, universities and government departments. They typically perform tasks closely related to civil engineering construction and management.

1. Training targets

The specific training targets of this discipline include: mastering the basic principles of Marxism, sticking to the four cardinal principles, being patriotic, following disciplines and regulations, serving people, and dedicating to socialism construction. The construction technology of civil engineering and project management require a solid, broad, and systematic expertise both in theoretical and practical aspect. The ability to independently perform scientific research and solve engineering problems is also one of the training focuses. A minimum of one foreign language at the proficient level is also expected for all students.

2. Main research areas

(1) Construction technology of large engineering structures

(2) Major construction safety and environment

(3) Engineering life cycle management

(4) Sustainable construction and project management

 “985” project

Phase I of “985” project: Structural Engineering and Disaster Prevention & Mitigation

Phase II of “985” project: Project Structural Safety and Innovation Platform for Durability Technology

Phase III of “985” project: Project Structural Safety, Innovation Platform for Durability and Disaster Prevention Technology

 “211” project

Phase I of “211” Project

Phase II of “211” Project: New Systems of Civil Engineering Structures and New Technologies of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Phase III of “211” Project: Project Structural Safety, Durability and Disaster Prevention

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