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Discipline of Engineering Mechanics


1. Introduction

Mechanics is a basic subject practically applied in all areas of engineering and technology. Engineering mechanics is abstracted from engineering practices and takes the advantages of the latest experimental technology. It focuses on the modeling, simulation, and testing methods of all kinds of mechanical problems appearing in modern engineering and technology.

2. Main research areas, advantages and characteristics

(1) Structural vibration, measurement and control. The main topics of this area include:structural vibration and wave theory, wave measurement and control technology, fluctuation inversion method of large hidden structures, dynamic diagnosis and bearing analysis technology, foundation structure, test of dynamic characteristics for small structures, and optical integral imaging. In recent years, six projects at the provincial and national level, more than 10 construction projects, and 3 scientific and technological progress awards at or beyond the province and minister level have been granted. In addition, more than 40 papers and 2 monographs have been published in domestic and international journals.

(2) Intelligent materials and structures. This research area is primarily focusing on: applying the most recent achievements of materials and electronics, adopting the advanced control technology, studying intelligent materials and structures. In recent years, several multinomial related construction projects and over 10 academic papers have been completed.

(3) Distributed virtual engineering measuring instruments. The main topics in this research area include: computer network technology, graphical user interface technology, distributed virtual engineering measuring instruments and their application to complex engineering measurement problems. In recent years, more than 10 related projects and 10 academic papers have been accomplished.

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