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Discipline of Municipal Engineering


1. Introduction to the discipline

The history of our school's Municipal Engineering major can date back to the Health Engineering major of the National Central University in 1940s. In the late 1970s, Southeast University, an integral part of the national education system, was one of the earliest institutions that established the professional major of environmental engineering and the Municipal Engineering undergraduate program. At present, it is affiliated to the school of Civil Engineering which is entitled to confer PhD degrees. 

2. Main research areas, advantages and features of the discipline

(1)   Main research areas include:

      Purification technology of slightly polluted drinking water;

      Theory and techniques for wastewater treatment;

      Lake eutrophication control and ecological water treatment;

      Solid waste disposal and resource theory and technology.

(2)   Advantages and characteristics:

    Slightly polluted drinking water purification technology: with increasing pollution of surface water, traditional water processing becomes very difficult to guarantee water quality. This area has undertaken two projects at the national level, four projects of the National Natural Science Foundations and four provincial projects. The scientific research in this area has achieved a high theoretical level as well as successful applications. Three sub-projects of the national “863” plan have also been carried out.

Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal in municipal wastewater: several projects including one scientific and technological project, one high-tech research project and one tender project of social development from Jiangsu Province have been and are currently being undertaken. The contract value of these projects amounts to several million in RMB. They are expected to help make breakthroughs in the theory of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal and intelligent signal feedback and online control technology. Great economic benefits from the conversion of equipment research results are anticipated. At the same time, close partnership with the school of Public Health have been made to promote progresses in the area of Molecular Toxicology.

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