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Discipline of Bridge and Tunnel Engineering


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1.    Introduction

The academic leader of Civil Engineering is Professor Lv Zhitao, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. This college hosts a postdoctoral mobile station and a key laboratory of the Ministry of Education. Bridge and Tunnel Engineering is a Level 2 discipline of the discipline of Civil Engineering and offers both Master and doctoral programs.

The discipline currently has 2 PhD supervisors, 9 Master supervisors and 26 full-time faculty members. The discipline focuses on the research of design and calculation theory and engineering application technology of highways, bridge and tunnel engineering, functions of bridges with prestressed concrete structure and composite structure, and the test and technical transformation of existing bridges. The discipline aims to cultivate professional talents undertaking scientific research, engineering technology research, engineering design and engineering management on bridge and tunnel engineering.


2、the main research areas、advantages and features of the discipline

The main research areas of the discipline include: (1) bridge design theory and analysis; (2) the durability of bridge structures and engineering measurements; (3) bridge monitoring, detecting and reinforcing technologies; (4) Tunnel structure analysis method and monitoring technology; (5) New materials for bridge structures.

The graduate program of the discipline is high quality and well designed to delicately prepare the students for future engineering careers. Over years, the discipline has successfully formed its distinguished features in the field of bridge structural analysis, structural design principles and testing evaluation, and technological transformation method for old and ancient bridges.

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