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Discipline of Geotechnical Engineering


1. The discipline of Geotechnical Engineering

2. Major programs (Master of Engineering, PhD, A National Key Discipline, A Jiangsu Province Key Discipline)

Master of Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy

A National Key Discipline

Level 2 postdoctoral mobile station under Civil Engineering

3. Main research areas, features and advantages of the discipline

(1) Design theory of pile foundation engineering and bearing capacity test;

(2) Deep foundation pit engineering monitoring;

(3) Automation system for monitoring underground engineering structures;

(4) Subgrade treatment of soft soil;

4. Disciplinary Faculty

With the country's ongoing massive geotechnical engineering construction, the discipline is actively performing both fundamental and application researches via tackling key technical problems arise from engineering practices. Considerable efforts have been made to strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and enhance original research activities and independent intellectual property rights. Both domestic and international cooperation and exchange have been actively conducted to narrow the gap between faculties and their domestic and overseas counterparts.

5. Faculty information

Top scientist: Gong Wei-Ming    Title: Professor

Affiliation: School of Civil Engineering at Southeast University

Voice: (025) 8379-1829



Sipailou 2#

School of Civil Engineering

Southeast University

Nanjing 210096

6. Faculty list

Name           title               degree          major

Gong Weiming  Professor          PhD   Geotechnical Engineering

Xue Guoya      Associate professor   master   Geotechnical Engineering

Tong Xiaodong   Associate professor   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering

Mu Baogang    Associate professor    PhD   Geotechnical Engineering

Dai Guoliang    Associate professor   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering

Li Bingliang     Lecturer            PhD   Geotechnical Engineering

Tao Jin        Lecturer             PhD   Geotechnical Engineering

Zhao Xueliang Lecturer             PhD   Geotechnical Engineering

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