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Discipline of Disaster Prevention Engineering


1. Introduction

This discipline is a key discipline of Jiangsu province and one of the earliest in the nation performing earthquake resistance and disaster prevention. It is now one of the best programs among national key universities. The discipline offers both doctoral programs and postdoctoral mobile stations. It hosts a key laboratory of the Ministry of Education and is able to sponsor professorship. The discipline is also one of the key subjects of the national 211-project, the national ninth and tenth five-year plan, and the promoting project of the Ministry of Education.

Up to present, this discipline has obtained a series of research achievements in the area of wind & earthquake resistance and vibration control, structural disasters due to wind, earthquake and fire, prevention safety evaluation, and structural health monitoring and strengthening. They all reach nationally and internationally advanced level. In recent years, the discipline has accomplished 3 key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and is presently working on 16 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation and many others funded jointly by the governments of China and the United States.

2. The main research areas, advantages and features of the discipline (周瑞)

The main research areas of this discipline includes seismic and wind resistance analysis, design methods for slender and/ or super-span spatial structures, new systems and their seismic performance, engineering seismic, vibration isolation and vibration control, engineering materials and structural damage analysis, post-seismic strengthening and repairing of engineering structures, structural health monitoring and safety evaluation. 

The discipline has long been focusing on fundamental research activities as well as their prompt transformation to engineering practices. All faculties of the discipline have been striving to make both theoretical and technological breakthroughs with the help of the undertaken projects. Their research products play an important theoretical and practical role in disaster prevention and mitigation of engineering structures.

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