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Experimental Center

The Experimental Center consists of the Structure Laboratory, the Prestressing Laboratory, and the Mechanics Laboratory, and two experimental centers of the Southeast University, namely the Experimental Center of Civil Engineering and the Mechanics. The overall experimental space occupies more than 12,000 square meters. The total value of laboratory equipment is estimated around 3,000 million RMB. There are totally 34 staff members in the center, 53% of whom owning doctorate degrees and 20 out of them being full-time. Experimental Center helps provide strong support to the routine teaching tasks, teaching reformation and discipline building.

Structure Laboratory

Structure Laboratory undertakes research tasks in the field of civil engineering. In recent years, dozens of programs have been conducted in the laboratory including projects from National Natural Science Foundations, numerous key research programs from both the national and provincial level. At the same time, a large number of theses and dissertations have been performed in the laboratory. Their experimental and theoretical level is among those leading in the nation. The Structure Laboratory also actively engages in a large number of fundamental research projects, industrial applications, and practical engineering. It has been insisting in both theoretical research and practical applications making contributions to many key constructions.

Mechanics Laboratory

The Mechanics Laboratory was established on the basis of the Mechanics of Materials laboratory which was initially built in 1954. It covers a broad range of areas including theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, experimental mechanics, vibrations and other fundamental aspects of modern mechanics.

The mechanics laboratory owns a variety of state-of-the-art test equipment including 8 sets of Instron 3367 electronic testing machines, 1 set of Instron 8802 servo test machine, 8 sets of DDS32 series of dynamic strain measurement system, a digital photoelastic system, and high speed video recording systems. As the major public experimental teaching base and an important base for relevant scientific research, mechanics laboratory undertakes teaching and researching components of theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, engineering mechanics, experimental mechanics, vibrations and other mechanical courses for all the engineering undergraduate programs at the university. Mechanics laboratory also provides supports and services to out-campus society, such as induction training for construction quality inspection, all types of stress-strain experiments and analysis of materials and/ or structures, and fracture mechanics (damage) experimental research and analysis.

In order to provide cutting edge services for experimental teaching and meet the requirements of research-oriented university, mechanics laboratory classifies its staff on a full-time and part-time basis, focuses on strengthening and enhancing staff quality. A minimum requirement of 10 years’ professional experience is applicable to all staff performing experimental teaching tasks.

Prestressing laboratory

The Prestressing laboratory is based on the Institute of Prestressing Engineering, the Technology Center of Prestressing, East China, and Engineering Structures and Materials Testing Center of the Southeast University. It primarily engages in testing, researching, consulting and promotion of the new calculation principles of prestressed structures, power performances, and equipment installation technology. It owns a large number of modern equipment for prestressing tension and anchoring and a large anchor test platform. In recent years, a lot of experimental research projects, especially in the field of new materials reinforcement, have been carried out in the laboratory.

The Experimental Center of Civil Engineering and the Mechanics

The Experimental Center was organized in 2002 by integrating the relevant resources from the whole university, aiming to form a comprehensiveframework for the experimental teaching of students from the school of Civil Engineering, Transportation and a few others.

Taking advantage of the new-built Jiulong Hu campus of the university, the laboratory hardware reached the frontier among its counterparts nationally. Its overall constructionspace occupies around ​​15,000square meters and the value of its constructionequipment amounts to 19.2 million RMB. By tenyears’ continuous construction, the ExperimentTeachingCenter hasbecomea practice base of the Southeast University and a nurturing center for two national level higher education schools. It is qualified for providing experimental teaching for threenational levelquality courses namely including “EngineeringPrinciples of Structural Design”, “Structural Design”, Seismicand Disaster Engineering”. It is also the only base for providing training and experimentalpractice teaching forundergraduatestudents of 18 majors. The average yearly teaching load is maintained at the level of80,000hours.

The Experimental Center won the title of “CollegeExperiment TeachingDemonstration Center of Jiangsu Province” in 2007 and “NationalExperimental Teaching Center” in 2008.

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