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Department of Bridge and Underground Engineering

The Department of Bridge-cum-Tunnel and Underground Engineering contains two sub-disciplines: Bridge-cum-Tunnel Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering. The Department offers both doctorate programs and master’s programs. It has 16 faculty members in total including 5 Professors and 4 Associate Professors. Among the staff,there are 4 doctoral supervisors and 7 master supervisors. 14 of them own PhD degrees, and the rest has master's degree. The subject discipline focuses on the research of design theory and engineering technology of Bridge-cum-Tunnel and Underground Engineering, especially the Structure of Bridges and analytical techniques of the performance of deep foundation.

The discipline is based on Civil Engineering. The Faculty aimed to cultivate engineering professionals, with solid theoretical basis and capability to conduct creative research and development satisfying the professional demand of designing, constructing, managing, researching and developing in the industry of Civil Engineering and/ or Transportation.

Major courses of the curricula are: Engineering Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Engineering Design Principles, Bridge Engineering, Bridge Seismic, Underground Engineering, and Tunnel Engineering.

In the most recent 5 years, the faulty members in the apartment have taken part in many scientific projects including National Natural Science Foundation, National Science and Technology Support Program, National “863” Program and Western Transportation Construction. They emphasize on combinational engineering and scientific research projects and have led many pioneering research projects on large-scale modern bridges such as Sutong Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, and Taizhou Bridge. They have also participated in a large number of research projects involving highways, urban rail transportation and the Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway. Moreover, they have taken part in a few overseas construction projects. Some remarkable scientific research achievements such as concrete girder basic behaviors and new materials and the basic theory of composite bridge and pile foundations have been made.

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the need for Bridge-cum-Tunnel and Underground professionals increases dramatically. Graduates from our department are capable of designing, constructing, managing and researching in the area of both industry and academia. Over the years, they are generally appreciated by their employers.

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