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Department of Architectural Engineering

The department of Architectural Engineering in the school of Civil Engineering was funded in 1997 on the basis of disciplines of Industrial and Civil Buildings. Under the collective efforts of all faculty members, the department has expanded rapidly in the area of concrete and pre-stressed concrete, structural engineering disaster, development of FRP materials and their applications, project structural health monitoring, mitigation technology, civil engineering construction technology, structural performance assessment and reinforcement, pre-stressed structural steel, and space fields of distinctive features. It has been both domestically and internationally recognized.

At present, the department of Architectural Engineering has 50 faculty members including 17 full professors. Among them are Professor Lv Zhitao, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Wu Zhishen, a Cheung Kong Scholar and “thousand Plan Talent” of the Ministry of Education, Professor Li Aiqun, a “National teaching Master” and National Outstanding Youth Foundation  winner. Around 90% of the faculty members own a PhD degree.

The department is responsible for the construction of three secondary disciplines of Civil Engineering including the Structural Engineering, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and Protection Engineering. The first of the three is a national key discipline while the latter two are Jiangsu Province key disciplines and national key discipline training stations. The department teaches the main professional courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. It owns a nationally innovative and creative teaching group. On the scientific research aspect, it hosts a number of academic institutes and laboratories including the Concrete & Prestressed Concrete Structure Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, Prestressed Concrete Research Center of Jiangsu Province, International Research Center for Urban Engineering Science, Institute for Prestress Engineering, Research Center for Construction Anti-seismic and Disaster Mitigation, Institute for Construction Supervision, and Institute for Spatial Structure and Form.

Over the years, the department of Architectural Engineering has achieved remarkable products in scientific research, educational reformation and student teaching. Faculties of the department have undertaken hundreds of national, provincial, and ministerial level key research projects. A large number of key technic problems of national, provincial and urban construction projects have been tackled. The faculties have obtained a large number of internationally leading results and strive to transform them for practical engineering application at a timely manner. Over the past decade, the department has received 5 National Science and Technology Progress awards and almost 20 first or second prizes of scientific technological progress awards from ministers and provinces. At the same time, the department continuously focuses on raising the overall quality of both teaching and scientific researching. Up to present, the department has received 3 awards on teaching at the national level and currently hosts 5 National Quality Courses.

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