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Important Events

May 2010: the party committee at the university level approved the election outcome by the School of Civil Engineering. Elected to members of the new party committee of the school were: Ye Jihong, Wu Gang, Shen Jie, Zhang Xing, Zhang Jiwen, Chen Lei, and Fu Dafang. Zhang Xing and Chen Lei were appointed as the Secretary and Deputy-secretary of the party committee, respectively;

December 2009: The university administration approved the new session of administrative staff: Wu Gang as Dean, Ye Jihong, Tong Xiaodong, Fu Dafang, Shu Ganping, Chen Lei as Associate Dean;

November 2009: The school’s administrative team changed. Professor Wu Gang was appointed as the Dean of the school at the age of 33;

October 2009: Project Management became one of construction bases of the National First-Class Characteristic Majors;   

October 2009: Professor Wu Zhishen was selected to be one of the "National Thousand-Plan" experts;

September 2009: Professor Li Aiqun was awarded the “National Teaching-Master”;     

October 2008: Discipline of Civil Engineering won the National First-class Characteristic Major; 

October 2008: The Party Committee at the university level appointed Zhang Xing as the Party Secretary of the School of Civil Engineering;    

September 2007: Qiu Hongxing was awarded the “Jiansu Province Teaching-Master”;     

August 2007: Postdoctoral mobile station in mechanics was approved;

September 2006: Professor Jiang Yongsheng was awarded the “National Teaching-Master”;

June 2006: Department of Environmental Engineering and Power Engineering merged to form the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering;   

December 2005: "Building Structural Design" was selected as 2005 “National Quality Courses”;    

October 2005: Level 1 Discipline of Environmental Science and Engineering was granted to award doctorate degrees; 

October 2005: Level 2 Discipline of Solid Mechanics was granted to award doctorate degrees;

September 2005: “The Study and Practice of Engineering Quality and Practical Ability in Civil Engineering” won national first prize;

September 2004: The Municipal Engineering Department was funded;

May 2004: The Discipline of Engineering Management passed the second evaluation by National Project Management Professional Evaluation Committee ;

April 2004: The doctoral program of Civil Engineering Construction and Management was approved;

February 2004: The Civil Engineering Major was elected as a “Jiangsu Province Brand-Major”;

February 2004: The major of Engineering Management was awarded the “Jiangsu Province Characteristic Major”;

February 2004: The major of Environmental Engineering was awarded the “Jiangsu province Characteristic Major”;

August 2003: The doctoral program of Engineering Mechanics was approved;

May 2003: The First Council of Civil and Transportation Branch of Southeast University Alumni in Beijing was funded;

May 2002: The undergraduate program of Water Supply and Drainage Engineering was granted to resume;

January 2002: Structural Engineering Discipline was appointed as “National Key Discipline”;  

October 2000: Municipal Engineering was approved as a Level 2 doctoral program;     

October 2000: Civil Engineering was approved as a Level 1 doctorate program;

October 2000: Environmental Engineering was approved as a Level 2 doctoral program;

August 2000: The Laboratory of Concrete and Prestressed Concrete Structure was admitted as one of the key laboratories of the Ministry of Education;

June 2000: The Discipline of Civil Engineering successfully passed the assessment by National Civil Engineering Evaluation Committee;   

September 1999: Academician Lv Zhitao won the Progress Prize in Science and Technology from He Liang He Li Fund;     

September 1999: Professor Li Aiqun is selected as one of the cross-century talents by Ministry of Education;

September 1999: The undergraduate program in Engineering Management successfully passed the first assessment by National Engineering Management Professional Evaluation committee;

March 1999: Structural Engineering was approved to host the Distinguished Professorship of “Yangtze River Talent Plan” by the Ministry of Education;   

December 1998: The Postdoctoral Mobile Station in Civil Engineering was funded by the Ministry of Personnel;    

December 1997: Southeast University and Jiangsu Province Construction Committee signed an agreement to co-build the School of Civil Engineering;

December 1997: Professor Lv Zhitao was admitted into the Chinese Academy of Engineering;

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