School of Civil Engineering
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Present Administrators of School of Civil Engineering

Dean: Wu Gang         

Party Secretary: Zhang Xing

Associate Dean: Ye Jihong, Tong Xiaodong, Fu Dafang, Shu Ganping

Associate Party Secretary and Associate Dean: Chen Lei


Responsibilities of School Administrators

Dean Wu Gang: Entirely responsible for school administration; specific duties including discipline construction, personnel administration, financial system, school office, alumni and so on

Associate Dean Ye Jihong: recruitment and training of graduate students, including on-job engineering graduate students

Associate Dean Fu Dafang: affairs of scientific research

Associate Dean Tong Xiaodong: undergraduate teaching, including further education

Associate Dean Shu Ganping: international affairs, laboratory and equipment, the design office, profit-making and so on

Associate Party Secretary and Associate Dean Chen Lei: administration of students

Party Secretary Zhang Xing: entirely responsible for the work of party within the school; specific duties including organization, anti-corruption, propaganda, united front, labor union, security, retirement, public security, school website and so on

Assistants to Dean Wang Jingquan, Fei Guoqing: assisting the dean on discipline construction and so on


Assistants to Associate Deans and their responsibilities

Zhao Xueliang       assistant to Associate Dean Shu Ganping

Guo Li、Zhou Zhen      assistants to Associate Deans Tong Xiaodong and Chen Lei on administration of undergraduate affairs

Xu Weiwei       assistant to Associate Dean Ye Jihong

Pan Jinlong        assistant to Associate Dean Fu Dafang


Chinese Communist Party committee in the School of Civil Engineering at the Southeast University

Member and Secretary: Zhang Xing

Member and deputy-Secretary: Chen Lei

Members: Ye Jihong, Wu Gang, Shen Jie, Zhang Jiwen, Fu Dafang

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