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School of Civil Engineering

The predecessor to the School of Civil Engineering at the Southeast University was originally established as early as in 1923 on the basis of the discipline of Civil Engineering. Owing to the constant endeavors and innovations of many distinguished professors over a long period such as Mao Yisheng, Jin Baozhen, Xu Baichuan, Liang Zhiming, Liu Shuxun, Ding Dajun, Fang Fuseng, Hu Qianshan, Tang Nianci, Bao Enzhan, Li Yinyu, Lv Zhitao, Jiang Yongsheng, and many orthers, the discipline developed rapidly and gradually expanded to the field of engineering management. In 1997, the School of Civil Engineering was formerly founded by integrating the former departments of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Engineering Mechanics.

The School currently consists of five departments, namely Civil Engineering, Construction & Real Estate, Engineering Mechanics, Bridge & Tunnel Engineering, Municipal Engineering, and one Experimental Center. The School has more than 140 members of faculty and staff, including 40 full professors (32 out of them being appointed as PhD supervisors), 50 associate professors. All of the recently recruited young faculty members own doctoral degrees. Led by Prof. Lv Zhitao, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof Wu Zhishen, a Cheung-Kong Scholar and National Expert, and Prof Li Aiqun, a National Outstanding Teacher and National Outstanding Youth honored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, the School always maintains innovative and developing power for both engineering education and scientific research.

 The School offers three post-doctoral workstation and two PhD programs of the first-level disciplines, twelve PhD programs of the second-level discipline, twelve Master and four undergraduate programs. There are over 2000 students in all, and more than 280 full-time postgraduates. According to the Assessments of Ministry of Education by Graduate Education Development Centre for 2007-2009, the School of Civil Engineering is ranked No. 5 in China.

At present, the School hosts the disciplines of Civil Engineering, Mechanics, and Construction Management. Structural Engineering is among the National Key Discipline. Moreover, Disaster Prevention and Reduction is among the nurturing centers of Jiangsu Province for National Key Disciplines. The School owns key disciplines for national“211 Project”and“985 Project”, key disciplines for the “Revitalization Plan”of the Ministry of Education, key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, the National Experimental Demonstration Center of Civil Engineering and “Cheung-Kong Scholar”professorship. The major of Civil Engineering and Construction Management were among the first group of those passing through the National Civil Engineering and Construction Management Assessment performed in 2000, and have successfully maintained its position three times up to the present. In addition, Civil Engineering was awarded as Famous-brand Discipline of Jiangsu Province in 2005 and National First-rank Characteristic Discipline in 2007. Construction management was awarded as Characteristic Discipline of Jiangsu province in 2005 and National First-rank Characteristic Discipline Development Center in 2009.

The school also possesses a number of outstanding academic units including a key laboratory of C&PC honored by the Ministry of Education, Jiangsu Engineering Research Center of Prestress , Institute of Civil Engineering, Institute of Mechanics, Institute of Prestress Engineering, Research Centre of Seismic Strengthening & Disaster Reduction, Institute of Municipal Engineering, Institute of Construction Management & Real Estate, Institute of Project Management, Institute of Construction Supervision, Institute of Property and Facility Management,  Institute of Spatial Structure and Formation, Institute of old Bridges. In the meantime, serving as a major founder, the school has established the ever-first academic special-zone of SE-International Institute of Urban Systems Engineering with the aid from several related schools. The special-zone is characterized by its cross-disciplinary, innovative and collaborative feature. The school is also equipped with several state-of-the-art engineering laboratories of large-scale structures, prestress, mechanics, hydraulics and project management for teaching and researching. Furthermore, the historical library of the School collects a large number of academic references and documents.

Up to present, the school has graduated more than 12000 students, among whom over 300 awarded a Doctorate degree and over 1300 a Master degree. In the most recent ten years, remarkable progress has been achieved in the field of scientific research, teaching reformation, and textbook authoring. As rewards, the school has received 7 National Science and Technology Progress Awards, 27 first/ second prizes of Provincial Science and Technology Progress, 3 National Excellence Teaching Awards, 5 National Excellent Textbook Awrds, 6 National Outstanding Quality Courses, 18 first/ second prizes of Provincial Teaching Achievement and 6 Provincial Excellent Courses. The school has hosted more than 10 international conferences. More than one thousand academic papers have been published in both peer-reviewed and invited national and international journals. Over 190 college textbooks and academic books have been released.

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