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Graduate Badminton Match Came to Successful Close
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On December 12, 2010, the Graduate Badminton Match came to successful close. The competition was divided into men's singles and women’s singles. Every year, a lot of graduate students are attracted to the match.

After several rounds of competitions, the last eight men's singles are: Wang Jian, Pan Zhengyi, Hu Bei Jiang, Zhao Weiguang, Dengguang Ping, Tang Yu, Long Yang, Deng Wenping. Although the number of applicants for women’ singles is small, every applicant was brave and impressive. And the semi-final contestants are: Wan Jiang, Chen Hao Man, Zhao Lihua, Cui Miao.

Men's singles semi-finals, Zhao Weiguang was defeated by Pan Zhengyi with 10:21. As a result of Tang Yu and Dengguang Ping 's absence, Pan Zhengyi got the men’s singles champion in Men's singles semi-finals directly. In the final of the men’ singles, Zhao Weiguang beat Deng Wenping with 21:13 and 21:10, becoming the men's singles champion.

Women's singles semi-final staged a "dormitory Derby" in which Wan Jiang won over her roommate Zhao Lihua with 8:11,11:8 and 11:7.And finally Wan got the third place. As for the final of the women’ singles, the two sides were Chen Haoman and Cui Miao. They both quickly reached good state at the beginning, giving backcourt ball to force the other side and then waiting for an opportunity to spike it. At last Chen Haoman won over Cui Miao with 11:8 and 11:9, which means Chen won the final total score of 2-0.

To our excitement, our Academy drew a satisfactory conclusion for the Graduate Badminton Competition which not only enhanced friendship between students from different grades , but also engraved the idea that "Sports and scientific are colleagues" deeply in the heart of every student.

(From Ma Shuai)