School of Civil Engineering  

The school of Civil Engineering won the third place in the 8thuniversity sports meeting
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In the afternoon of April 16th, the eighth sports meeting held in four arches campus of Southeast University came to an end. Delegatesfromour schoolcompeted actively, unifiedtogether, made their contributions, and finally got 78 points which wasthe same as that of the IC Department. Unfortunately, our department only took the third place, because we won fewer championships than IC Department.   

More than 90 students from our department took part in 11 events. Among them, we had 299 touches in the tennis game, and got the third place individual event "herding pigs" got a fourth place. Sixth place was won inrelay race. Two teams performed well in Kangaroo jumping, obtaining third and fifth place. We also became dark horses, wining first and fourth place in dart game. We had a bad luck in the tug-of-war qualifications, being defeated by IC Department team in the first round who finally won the champion. However, our team didn’t give up, especially in the second round against Electronic Department. Electronic Department was once only 5 centimeters to victory. But we showed perseverance and the determination to win, and 2:0 defeated them. Though we didn’t get scores in other projects, students competed actively, feeling relaxed and happy. In the afterglow of sunset, the sports minister of our department Ma Shuai took the third place trophy, and then the sports meeting successfully ended.

These achievements are not only due to the secretary Chen Lei’s and Chen Yun’s support and encouragement, but also to the students who cheer to the athletes. Moreover, thanks to all the students participating in the sports meeting.