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The School Team Won the Championship of the Graduate Soccer Game
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The final match of the seven-player soccergame of graduate students was held between Civil Engineeringand Mechanical Engineering team in Jiulonghu campus at 3:00p.m on December 3rd 2010. Eventually, Civil Engineering defeated its rival with a score of 2-1 and won the cup.

Starting from the first minute, both sides played well. Our team was organized by the mid-player TianGu and Song Leipeng, and the they passed ball to the striker Shi Jianxin to try to score continuousl,the back players Chen Chunquan, Xu Nan and WengChuanyao defended our goal. Against our strategy, the rival insisted on their defensive back, with their No.5 player frequently attacking along their right side.

At 15’ Mechanical Engineering took the lead as a result of their effort; No.5 got a long-pass from his background, dribbled into our forbidden and kicked the ball to the right-down corner of the goal. However, our boys didn’t lose their confidence and continued higher spirits. Just after their goal,we nearly scored ---TianGu shot out of the box and their goalkeeper rushed out the ball in all his efforts. But the goalkeeper hurt his right hand in this defense and was took place of. In the following attack, TianGu struck out of the box again making the score 1-1. With the score the two sides ended the first half.

In the second half we made some change in the lineup, Wang Shaoan substituting Shi. Our team mastered the initiative and all players of the other side defended on their background. Although we control the field ,we almost had no chance until the last minute. Just before the ending whistle TianGu scored for the twice time with a free kick which was 15 meters away from the goal. 

The final was over and we won the champion! All the fans of our team cheered in the field and so many guys shouted “TianGu is so great”! We spare every effort to win the game and Captain Tian was award the MVP by his excellent performance!


These achievements are not only due to the secretary Chen Lei’s and Chen Yun’s support, but also to the students who cheered to the athletes .Moreover. thanks to all the students  participating in the game, especially our players. This Cup is over and some old guys will leave while some fresh boys will come. And yet we are forever called Civil Engineering soccerteam!

 (From BBS of SEU)