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Hard Training for Seventy
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A lecture by Liu Xiaolingtong

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 The Monkey King, one of the most powerful mythical figures in Chinese literature, took pains to study his seventy-two transformations, and overcame eighty-one difficulties on his quest to protect the Monk Xuanzang to get Buddhist sutras from Buddha. These two events are the best instances through which Monkey King’s character shines.

The TV version of Journey to the West began shootingin 1982, and it took 17 years to complete this classic TV series. It was such a long periodthat it was included in the Guinness Book of Records. Coincidentally, the quest in the story also took seventeen years.

Now,let’s take a look at the life of Mr. Wu Cheng’en. What kind of a fabulous person is he? How could he foresee what will happen four hundred years in the future? Monkey’s ability to pull hairs and transform into a group of small monkeys is like cloning today. His eyes, able to see into a great distance, are like telescopes. And his ears, able to hear things happening a long distance away, are like telephones.It stands to reason that some people thought that Wu Cheng’en must have gained insight to the future.

Monkey King, as described by Mr. Wu, inevitably became the hero of all Chinese people. At the beginning, every monkey in his mountain had the opportunity to jump into Shuilian Dong, the cave hidden behind a waterfall. However, only this monkey, who popped out of a rock, dared to jump in. Maybe he did not fully understand what he was doing, but he had the courage to take an opportunity, and after he succeeded, he became the Monkey King, as the monkeys agreed that whoever brave enough to jump into the cave would become their leader.Everyone encounters opportunities, but it is up to the individual to grasp them.

When Liu Xiaolingtong evaluated Master Xuanzang, he just used one word - persistence. It was a very refined, precise and accurate summary.

Artists atLiu Xiaolingtong’s era really devoted their own lives to create andshow arts. Liu Xiaolingtong had dedicated 17 years for Journey to the West, even though he was paid only seventy yuan per set. He made through dangerous filming, nearly drowning in Dujiangyan, and nearly burnt when they filmed the scenes with the fire-spewing demon Honghai’er.He persisted, with the pursuit of art and his love for Chinese culture.

 What people don’t have, I do;

What people do have, I am fond of;

What people are fond of, I master;

What people master, I am skillful at;

What people are skillful at, I grasp thoroughly.

It was the most valuable asset left by Monkey King, Liu Xiaolingtong,and also the essence of Chinese culture.

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