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The second of a series of activities celebrating the 90th anniversary of CCP by 2010 graduate level party branch
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To celebrate the 90th anniversary ofthe communist party of China and to show the new achievements ofstudents' party branchin the School of Civil Engineering,the “warm care in heart”theme activity was held in nursing home of Xinjiekou by the first party branch and the fourth party branch of 2010 graduate level on April the 9th. Members of the two branches developed a series of volunteer service to make the retired cadres, veteran party members and lonely senior citizens feel the party’s care.

This activity is greatly supported by the college party branch and the nursing home as well as the volunteer service of university research council.The Chinese Communist Party is 90 years old.Under its leadership China has undergone tremendous changes, which are the efforts of revolutionary pioneers from generation to generation struggling with their whole life’s work .With the coming ofthe party's birthday, our younger generation should remember all history. Also, through the activity we can get more education and experience for ourselves. As they said, ”Today will belong in our fondest memories ”, we chatted about their daily life, listened to the stories of revolution and construction, sang revolutionary songs with old soldiers, cleaned up the house and prepared meals for these lovely people to make them feel happy. Moreover, we taught them simple knowledge of saving themselves in earthquakes.

“Sing your enthusiasm and hold out your hands, let me embrace your dream, let me look at your sincere face, let us smile with the pride of youth,, let us hope tomorrow will be even better!”

The senior citizens and we deeply infected with each other.We cheered together, on the most sincere blessing, and wished them "tomorrow will be better".Time is short, but we had a great affection for each other .Their happiness deeply infected and taught us. This is a real "Thanksgiving lesson".