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Delicious dumplings and collective warmth. A report on the dumplings-making winter activities of the 2008 3rd graduate class of the school of Civil En
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December 22, 2009 is the winter solstice of the lunar calendar. At 7 pm, in the four arches campus Xiangyuan Restaurant, the 3rd class of Civil Engineering Masters '08 organized the Winter Solstice Festival and Dumplings Festival for Advanced Graduate Classes in school celebrations." School leaders were invited to participate in the activities.Within the past one year, Masters of 08 the 3rd classes, under the leadership of party committees in the hospital and the care of school teachers, carried out a number of class activities and achieved good results in the scientific research, cultural and sports activities so that it was awarded the honor of "School advanced graduate class".

Delicious dumplings and collective warmth .The activities began promptly at 7pm, the hospital leadership and the people stood around and began hands on.Around the same time we enlightened our chat around learning, live, work and other topics. In our tireless efforts,pots of hot steaming dumplings was put on the table in everyone's looking forward, we ate the delicious dumplings made by ourself and felt the joy of youth and collective warmth.  

 The dumplings winter activities,not only enhanced the sense of mutual cooperation among students, deepened the feelings of friendship, but also let everyone experience the fun of collective life in the process of personally-making dumplings.This is an unforgettable dumplings experience, leaving a good memory for each graduate student life.(Chen Yang)