University of science and technology, Bannu

The international corporation partner, University of Science and Technology, Bannu (USTB), is a public university located in Bannu, Pakistan. It has a good native reputation and has made great contributions to Pakistan's science, technology, society and economy development. USTB has conducted a large number of major infrastructure construction engineerings successfully in Pakistan. A scientific research team has been formed in USTB including Prof. Abid Ali Shah, Prof. Khan zeb Jadoon and Prof. Khan Ali Nisar in the field of disaster prevention and reduction. The team attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchanges, and has signed cooperation memoranda with Southeast University and Siegen University in Germany, and has completed many disaster prevention and reduction projects in Pakistan.

The school of engineering in USTB has four large laboratories including the engineering structure laboratory, earthquake engineering laboratory and environmental disaster laboratory etc. In 2017, the Disaster Prevention and Health Monitoring Collaborative Innovation Center between University of Science and Technology, Bannu and Southeast University was established in USTB, Pakistan. The joint innovation center will provide 3000 square meters land for China-Pakistan Belt and Road Joint Laboratory on Smart Disaster Prevention of Major Infrastructures. The main equipment for disaster prevention and reduction includes: 50t MTS multifunctional fatigue machine, 10t ~ 150t hydraulic servo actuators, dynamic signal test and analysis system, 1000t ~ 2000t universal testing machine and other large scientific research instruments. The software and hardware facilities has met the requirements for construction of the China-Pakistan Belt and Road Joint Laboratory on Smart Disaster Prevention of Major Infrastructures.

Professor Abid Ali Shah

Professor Abid Ali Shah is the Foreign Director of the joint laboratory, and the President of USTB. He has rich experience in international research and cooperation, and has made outstanding achievements in the field of structural monitoring, disaster prevention and reduction. In 2004, he received his doctorate from Leipzig University, Germany, and then engaged in research as a JSPS researcher in University of Tokyo, and as a Humboldt scholar in Siegen University, Germany. From 2009 to 2016, he successively served as Assistant Professor in King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Researcher in Siegen University, Germany, Chairman and Professor of Salhad University of Science and Information technology, and Chairman and Full Professor in Department of Civil Engineering, International Islamic University, Pakistan. Since 2016, he has been the President of USTB in Pakistan and the founder of the Disaster Prevention and Health Monitoring Collaborative Innovation Center. At the same time, he has also been an assistant technical consultant of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan, a registered Professional Engineer with Pakistan Engineering Council, member of the German Engineering Research Foundation, member of Technical Committee for Concrete Reinforcing Materials, Botswana Bureau of Standards, Gaborone Botswana-Southern Africa, and member of Saudi Council of Engineers. He has high academic level and is included in the WHO’s WHO the world's famous people list in Science and Engineering, and is the gold medal winner of the president reward for Pakistan's structural engineers. Professor Abid Ali Shah has a deep foundation of preliminary research in the field of structural seismic resistance, disaster prevention and reduction. At the same time, he has rich engineering experience, extensive social communication channels and technology promotion platform.