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Zhang Jian
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curriculum Vitae 



Name:Jian Zhang

Current Position: Professor

        Contact Details:School of Civil Engineering/IIUSE

        Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, China





  1. Professor,2011-present

Southeast University, Nanjing, China

  1. Research Assistant Professor, 2009-2011

Intelligent Infrastructure Institute, Drexel University, Philadelphia USA

  1. Postdoctoral Researcher, 2006-2008

Department of Structural Engineering University of California, San Diego, USA

  1. PhD, 2003-2006

Department of Civil Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan




  1. Field test of civilinfrastructures

  2. Smart sensors andstructural health monitoring

  3. Static and vibration field tests of large scale structures

  4. Novel information technology applications for structural engineering

  5. Modeling for nonlinear dynamic systems and shaking table test




  1. Editorial Board Member of Journal of Structural Control and Health Monitoring

  2. Council Memberof International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructures




1Jian Zhang(*), J Prader, KA Grimmelsman, FL Moon,EA Aktan, A Sayama. Experimental Vibration Analysis for Structural Identification of a Long-Span Suspension BridgeJournal of Engineering Mechanics (ASCE ). 2013,139(6):748-759.

2Jian Zhang (*), Shuanglin Guo(*), Xi Chen(*), Theory of un-scaled flexibility identification from output-only dataMechanical Systems and Signal Processing2014481-2):232-246.

3Jian Zhang (*), W Hong, YS Tang, CQ Yang, G Wu, ZS Wu, Structural Health Monitoring of a Steel Stringer Bridge with Area Sensing, Structural and Infrastructural Engineering, 2014, 10(8):1049-1058.

4Jian Zhang (*), CF Wan, T Sato, Advanced Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach for Finite Element Calibration under Uncertainty, Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. Accepted, 2013, 28(7): 522-530.

5Jian Zhang (*), JC Xu, SL Guo, ZS Wu, Flexibility-based structural damage detection with unknown mass for IASC-ASCE Benchmark Studies, Engineering Structures, 2013, 48: 486-496.

6Jian Zhang(*), S.L.Guo, Q.Q.Zhang, Mobile Impact Test Data Integrating for Flexibility Identification with only a Single Reference, Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 2014, 12(3): 1-12.

7Jian Zhang (*), Hutchinson, Tara C, Inelastic pile behavior with and without liquefaction effects, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 2012, 36:12-19.





(1)Structural Health Monitoring of Jiangsu theater, China









(2)Field Test and Health Monitoring project of the Wayne bridge, USA