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Some students of Civil Engineering School of 5179 session paid a visit to their alma mater after the party from Zhenjiang
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On April 23 ~ 25,2010, 24 students graduated from the civil engineering profession of 5179 session gathered at Zhenjiang City from all over the country to recall the happy and sorrow they studied together and share work and life after graduation. Zhishen Wu made a long trip from Japan to come back. Xingdi Huang was invited to attend the party. At about 10:00 on April 25, some students took the opportunity to come back to their alma mater from Zhenjjiang. Dean of School of Civil Engineering Gang,Wu secretary Xing Zhang, director Yuling Wang host them on behalf of the school and welcomed alumni back to visit the alma mater at small conference room. Gang Wu introduced the development in recent years and the ideas about the future of the School . Deputy Mayor of Fushun City Kelu Xi made a very pertinent and very constructive comments on the development of the school. Gang Wu and Xing Zhang said they would carefully study the proposal from the alumni and thanks them sincerely.